Fastidious, Tireless Cleaners

Steam Canada prides itself on training our employees to clean exceptionally and make sure we notice all the small details in a job.

Recently I read an an article, actually a blog, written by a Military veteran who spoke what “Boot Camp” taught them, especially regarding cleaning.  He said:

“…but most of what I know and apply to my own home now, I learned in boot camp. I had a drill sergeant throw my mattress across the floor and yell at me to”do it right this time!” more than once. I quickly learned the proper way to make a bed. I still do hospital corners when I change the sheets on the beds in my home.

In boot camp, I scrubbed tile floors and shower walls with a toothbrush. I scrubbed many nasty, dirty toilets. I had to help in the mess hall (the kitchen) a time or two. I had to sweep, mop, and use a buffer on the floors in our barracks. Believe me, I learned how to clean, because if it wasn’t done well enough to pass inspection, I had to start over and do it all again.”

This is the same dedication we try to instill on our Steam Canada Team.  Please call us at 1-855-599-4114 for a free quotation on commercial and residential work.  You will be glad you did!