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Buy Stain Remover in London Ontario - Steam Canada

Stain Remover

Price: 1 for $14.99 or 2 for $19.99 + shipping & taxes

Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Non Volatile
Quickly removes stains of Coffee, Liquor, Fruit Juice, Ice Cream, Cola Drink, Fat, Oil, Ink, Shoe Polish, Grass, Food…etc. Also, Most Animal Stains.



Buy Reusable Furnace Filters in London Ontario - Steam Canada

Reusable Furnace Filter

Price: $149.99 + shipping & taxes

No more hassle in changing Furnace Filters anymore. Switching to Reusable Furnace Filters will provide your family with cleaner and fresher air inside your home. 10 Years Warranty.




  • Easy to clean, washable or vacuum
  • Removes dust, pollen, dander, mold
  • Antimicrobial prevents viruses and bacteria from multiplying
  • Extends equipment life
  • Higher static charge than metal frames
  • Low air flow resistance
  • Solid frame design prevents water and dirt entrapment
  • Excellent life cycle cost savings compared to throw away filters
  • Cleaner, healthier air to breathe
  • Canadian made of 99% recycled material
  • 10 year manufactures warranty


Buy Ultraviolet Cleaner in London Ontario - Steam Canada

Ultraviolet Cleaner

Price: $999.99
Designed to destroy and prevent mold on your furnace evaporator coil.





  • Destroy mold & their associated odors on the coil
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • 24V and 110V with included step-down transformer
  • Intelligent Voltage Protection (IVP) for HVAC equipment
  • 1 year warranty including UV Lamp
  • Real Time System Status

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Stain Remover

Reusable Filters

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