Remodeling Your Home? Have You Considered Indoor Air Quality?

Before beginning any renovation job, check for leaks or other signs of moisture problems. Particularly common in basements, dampness promotes biological growth, including molds, that are not healthy places to live in. Thus, any moisture problems should be corrected before you proceed.

Correcting moisture problems may be as simple as redirecting downspout runoff away from the foundation. It may involve re-grading the ground around the house so that it slopes down away from foundation, or venting the dryer to the outside (something that should be done in all homes). Sometimes, however, there are more extensive problems which can be expensive to correct. In any event, the problems should be addressed before you begin other work.

At Steam we can do an air quality test that gets sent to a lab which will provide the results that will either give you peace of mind, or alert you to a problem you may not be aware of.  Please call us at 1-855-599-4114 to get the air inside your home tested.