Spring Window Cleaning

As the days grow longer and we Canadians revel in discovering the warmth of the sun again it is hard not to notice how badly my windows need cleaning. Like most people my first thought is to get the bottle of window cleaner and paper towel and start spraying.

It is spring cleaning time and after my weekend morning coffee I am ready to get at it. But before you start the most rewarding part of the job there are two simple tasks to do first.

1) Open the window and inspect the sill, frame and tracks for any dirt, dead bugs, or obvious water damage or structural damage that may have occurred over the long winter. I like to use a small brush to wipe out the loose dirt and bugs, and have a damp cloth to clean the rest. Have a butter knife or flat head screwdriver to help chip up any stubborn dirt or bugs.

2) For the windows where you have screens I like to use my little portable “shark hand held vacuum cleaner” to run over the screens but you can also use a regular vacuum cleaner with the dusting-brush attachment over the side that faces inside the house.

Now you can get to the rewarding part of the job and clean the glass. Over the years I have discovered it is best to do this on a cloudy day as on bright sunny days the direct sun dries the cleaner too quickly and you will get more streaks. If your windows tilt in you just spray window cleaner on one side at a time being careful not to put too much on to where it drips down the window. Using a clean cloth wipe horizontally until dry. Clean the other side the same way only this time wipe dry vertically which will allow you to see any streaks you need to touch up more easily.

If your windows don’t tilt or tip you will have to do the inside and then put on your shoes and go and clean the outside.

Now that you have clean windows you can get out and enjoy spring!