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Tips to better air quality in your home

The indoor air quality in your home may be affecting your health and the health of your family.  Potential sources of air pollution live in just about every room of your house.

Unclean air can trigger some physical symptoms such as; itchy eyes, sore throat, and coughing.  Living in a home with chronically poor air quality can lead to frequent headaches long lasting colds and more.


1 – Make  Air Quality Testing - Costcoyour home a no smoking zone.  Encourage your smoker to quit, it’s a win-win for the entire family.

2 – Keep dust mites at bay. Dust mites can trigger respiratory problems.  Use mattress covers and pillow cases that are bed bug proof and wash your linens in hot water once a week.

3 – Cut back on chemicals. Strong smelling cleaning products and perfumes can cause irritation. Switch to no or low-odor cleaning products with more natural ingredients.  Mom was right, water and vinegar do the trick!

4 – Change that filter.  Changing your furnace filter on a monthly basis will help keep the air clean.  Now you can purchase HEPA filters designed to collect allergens and other irritants.

5 – Close windows.  During allergy season or high air-pollution days keep windows and doors closed to avoid outdoor allergens coming into your home.  Check your air quality at The Weather Network (

6 – Test your air. Certified air quality professionals can give you precise details on the quality of the air in your house and any given room.  Consider getting your air evaluated, especially if you live with older folks and young children.