Toxic Black Mold


The following toxic mold stories are real-life stories that people submitted to this website to help other people realize that this problem is very real and very extensive in our world today. As you can see, it is not just an American problem but a world wide problem. We have heard from people in England, Finland, Australia, China, Canada etc. Check out this website:

People tell of their encounters with mold and their struggles with the medical community that does not believe that mold can hurt anyone.

If you would like to share your story of toxic mold follow the link below to do so. Your story can help someone out.

One of the problems I have noticed with people exposed to toxic mold is that they have such a hard time believing that toxic mold is what is causing their symptoms. I think it is because it is in many cases undetectable in their environment. There may be a slight musty or moldy odor, but the spores themselves are invisible. There may be visible mold growth somewhere in the building but in many cases it is hiding in the ceiling, in the HVAC or in the walls.

When I was exposed to toxic mold at my workplace, there really was no odor except an occasional slight dirt smell. In my situation the mold was hiding in the HVAC system. It was really hard to even suspect mold in my case because there was no visible mold and not much of an odor. That is probably why I worked there for a year, while suffering horrible symptoms, before I had the idea that my problems may be due to toxic mold.

I remember when I finally learned my symptoms most likely were caused by the toxic mold I was breathing in at work, I had trouble believing it. Also friends and family had trouble believing it. I used to spend hours rereading the stories in Dr. Shoemaker’s book “Mold Warriors” to comfort myself and to remind myself that this is a very real syndrome and that I was not alone in this.

That is why I believe it is so important for us to share our stories with one another so we can help other people believe and not feel so alone in this horrible devastating illness.