Grease Trap Cleaning Ontario

Grease Trap Cleaning Ontario

Steam Canada Cleaning Services is the best and finest cleaning service provider that offers excellent grease trap cleaning in Ontario. Mandatory grease traps for food service establishments are among the most significant laws ever as they help reduce the dangers grease poses to our health. As you well know, you never can be too careful these days when it comes to health safety. Here’s an overview of what grease trap cleaning means and entails, and also how our services can be of great help.

What is Grease trap cleaning? 

Grease trap cleaning means the removal of grease and other food particles waste from the plumbing unit. While it is quite possible to clean grease traps by yourself, it can be quite messy and challenging, which is why you need to get a professional cleaning service to clean your grease trap. Steam Canada cleaning service is very experienced, and we have all the necessary grease trap equipment to do an excellent job.

Why regular grease trap cleaning? 

Grease waste can pile up quickly in pipes, and this can cause backup and blockage, which should be avoided at all costs, especially during busy moments. Grease disasters can make you lose a lot of income if you have to turn customers away because of a plumbing blockage. Restaurants that run food down garbage disposal are more in danger of backups as food wastes can fill the grease trap and cause sewer line clog. However, if you need grease trap cleaning in Ontario, don’t look too far!

Why should you hire Steam Canada?

Steam Canada cleaning services offer all-inclusive Ontario grease trap services. We are your best solution regarding grease trapping. We are professionals, efficient, and we comply with federal laws. We remove the hassle of tedious paper works from your neck and also provide you with quality services.  

Our Cleaning Process

At Steam Canada cleaning, we employ basic cleaning processes that are easy to follow. First, we inspect your grease tank to determine the best approach to employ. If your tank is relatively well maintained and your pipes are clog-free, we’ll perform precautionary measures to extend the grease tank and pipe’s lifespan. But if your pipes are blocked, we’ll;

  • Locate the grease trap. Most are situated on the food establishment’s premises, either in or outdoor. When indoors, it’s mostly located in the basement beneath the kitchen sink or under the kitchen floor’s metal flashing. If outside, it could be identified by a utility hole covering or septic tank design.
  • Determine its physical size, which will help us ascertain its grease capacity.
  • Determine whether a thorough trap cleaning is required or a repair of the clogged pipes.
  • Utilize appropriate tools to unclog difficult to reach areas of the trap.
  • Give you full reports and history to help you get intimate with your grease trap cleaning schedule.
  • Ensure the waste from the grease trap is disposed adequately following state and federal regulations. 

Our Method

At Steam Canada, we employ several grease trap cleaning methods. Apart from the traditional and chemical approach most cleaning services employ when cleaning grease traps, we also do line jetting. Line jetting is of the best grease maintenance methods. It entails perfect pipe cleaning with powerful jets of water with the hose inserted into the pipe, whereby the guts of water then forces out every food particles and debris in the pipe.

Our Pricing

Many think engaging Steam Canada cleaners’ services cost much. However, when you experience smelly grease traps, you’ll realize it’s more advisable to contact us for the minimal amount we charge rather than face penalties, fines, or risk your health. Our price is one of the industry’s cheapest. We also offer grease trap installation in Ontario, CA, for new customers at discounted prices. Make your decision between paying a minimal price for maintenance or excessive charges for fines and penalties.

Steam Canada offers top-of-the-line grease cleaning services. So, hire us today to control the grease trap in your home or restaurant before it controls your business. Contact Steam Canada Carpet Cleaning Services: 519-659-4444 or 1-855-599-4114.

Grease Trap Cleaning Ontario

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Grease Trap Cleaning Ontario

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