Your home is your castle, so the furnishings, colour, textures and accessories all reveal facets of your personality and preferences. Carpet is a wonderful design medium – and brings so much personal sense of style to your home or office.

Carpet creates a warm, relaxed feel. With today’s choice of carpet colours, it’s not just a beige world anymore! The choice is endless. The way you use colours influences your emotions – colour your world in your own special way.

CleaningConduct a lifestyle interview. You will become aware of the needs of everyone in the family or office. This will help you think about the practical matters, such as high traffic patterns, and still be able to choose a fashionable, stylish carpet.

You should be aware of how the carpet fiber, construction and colour you select will perform in your home or office.

As you near the final stages in the selection process, you may find it a bit overwhelming. That’s why we recommend you think of carpet as an instrument. After all, you’re not just simply covering your floors – you’re uncovering the beauty of your home or office.

Furniture CleaningAs you reach the final stage in the decision process, you will be deciding between difference in quality and price. The phrase “you get what you pay for” is so true when dealing with carpet more than any other major purchase. The performance and quality of a carpet is directly related to the quality of fiber that goes into the pile. The better the fiber and the denser its packed, the better the carpet will perform. The low price may be tempting but remember, it will lose its surface appearance faster so you will have to replace it sooner. Not only will you have to replace it sooner, but you will have to go through the cost and inconvenience one more time!

Factor your lifestyle into your design decision and you are more likely to be pleased with the result. It’s a personal santuary you create that can shut out the rest of the world.