Autumn Colours and Thanksgiving

Autumn has snuck up on us. The leaves are rapidly changing, and the colours are going to be spectacular this year. Some of us live in areas where the fall colours are truly exceptional. The rest of us get to imagine, see photos, or – if we are really fortunate […]

Summer’s End

For some people this is the most wonderful time of the year – kids are going back to school. For others it’s the worst time as we pack our “older” kids up and they move on to bigger and better things.  No matter what side you are on it can be […]

Dryer Vents

Dryer vents are one of those household items that are out of sight and easy to forget about. All dryers have lint traps that capture the majority of the lint from drying clothes, bedding, and towels. The remainder is blown through a flexible duct to the outside of the home. […]

Grease Trap Cleaning London Ontario

FOGs (fats, oils, grease) have become a hot topic in lots of municipalities. FOGs, especially from commercial kitchens, have historically caused many problems for city sewers as the FOGs cling to sewer pipes causing clogs and backups in the municipal system. Grease traps alleviate the problem by collecting the FOGs […]

Restaurant Hood Cleaning London Ontario

One of the popular services offered by Steam Canada is commercial hood system cleaning. It is important to clean the whole system from exhaust fan to hood filters. The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 96 (NFPA Kitchen Hood Cleaning Requirements) requires trained and certified personnel to clean restaurant kitchen hoods […]