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What are Grease Traps?Grease Trap - Steam Canada

Simply put, a grease trap is a receptacle that kitchen wastewater flows through before entering the sanitary sewer lines. This receptacle captures, or “traps” grease. How? Grease, the industry term for animal fats and vegetable oils, is 10 to 15% less dense, or lighter than water. Grease does not mix with water. Thus, grease and oils float on water. When kitchen wastewater flows through a grease trap, the grease and oils rise to the surface and are trapped inside the receptacle using a system of baffles. The captured grease and oils fill the trap from the top down, displacing “clean” water out of the bottom of the trap and into the sanitary sewer line. This is why you see a grease “mat” when observing a grease trap. When a significant layer of grease has accumulated, the trap must be cleaned out.

Disposal of any fat, oil, or grease down a sink or floor drain can cause serious problems for your plumbing system. FOGs can congeal in sewer pipes, pumps, and other equipment, restricting flow of wastewater in the sanitary sewer collection system and eventually cause a back up into the facilities serviced by that pipe.

Grease Trap Diagram - Steam Canada

Grease Trap Diagram

Is there a difference between grease traps and grease interceptors?

Not really. Both devices do the same thing–separate and retain free floating oils and greases. Small in-floor or under-the-sink pre-fabricated steel units are most often referred to as grease traps. Grease interceptors are the larger units located outdoors that offer much longer hydraulic retention times.

Grease Trap and Interceptor - London Ontario - Steam Canada

Grease Trap Interceptor

How can I ensure that my grease trap works effectively?

It is important that your grease trap is properly sized, installed, and maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Proper maintenance will help ensure that your grease trap is functioning properly. Grease trap maintenance is often neglected, so be sure to have the trap inspected and cleaned out regularly.

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