How To Remove Red Wine From Your Carpet

What steps should be taken to get remove red wine from your carpet. The quicker you are to deal with the wine stain, the better the chance you have at removing the entire stain. Once the spill happens it is best to get a white towel or paper towel. Ensure […]

The Benefits of hiring professional cleaning services

Dust Allergies are a big problem in our homes, especially for those that have allergies to dust. It can cause itchy eyes, running nose, sore throats and breathing issues. When you hire a professional, they will use commercial equipment and supplies such as vacuums. Commercial vacuums use HEPA filtered vacuums […]

Top 10 Reasons you shouldn’t rent a carpet cleaning machine

10- Carpet cleaning rental machines are not as effective or powerful as professional equipment. These machines may not remove dirt and stains completely. 9- Carpet cleaning rental machines will leave shampoo in your carpets. They do not rinse the shampoo adequately. The build up of shampoo in the carpets will […]