Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring has sprung! Spring cleaning is on the mind for many. Here is a checklist to help.


– Clean stainless steel sinks. Pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain to eliminate any smells.

– Clean windows inside and outside. Newspaper works great on windows and mirrors.

– Clean the fronts and inside cupboards. Ideally removing all contents and cleaning the insides.

-Clean large appliances such as fridges, ovens and microwaves.

-Empty and toss all unnecessary items in your junk drawer.


-Organize and purge items in the garage. Declutter your home and garage of all unneeded Winter items such as shovels and snow removal equipment.


– Clean window coverings. Clean all blinds and take curtains to dry cleaners.

-Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.

-Organize closets. Sort, and donate any clothing unwanted clothing or shoes.

-Move spring clothing so they are accessible, switch out any Winter clothing.


– Deep clean bathrooms. Don’t forget to remove build up on shower heads by soaking vinegar over the shower head.

– Organize bathroom vanity. Remove everything from drawers to clean. Toss any unnecessary items.

-Purchase new shower curtain liners and throw the shower curtain in the washer.


-Don’t forget to change the air filter in your furnace.

-Tidy and purge any unwanted items. Sort and donate any toys that your children have outgrown.

Spring is the best time to hire professionals for carpet cleaning and duct cleaning. It is always best to have your duct cleaning done in the Spring before the use of your air conditioner unit. Professional carpet cleaners will also clean upholstery and mattresses to rid of dust mites.

Pro Tip: Clean room by room is the most effective way to tackle your list.

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