Commercial, Factory and Industrial Clean Ups


For more than 40 years Steam Canada has been offering full service pressure cleaning in homes, at restaurants and commercial buildings. Our team is fully licensed and trained to work from your factory floor or from the highest roof tops. Our Bonded reliable technicians offer a range of services from office cleaning to window cleaning to difficult mechanical and machinery cleaning.

At Steam Canada we understand the needs of your business can be complex and dynamic. We aim to provide the most effective cleaning and maintenance solutions for your business. Our highly trained experience staff is here to ensure the satisfaction of clients. Our skilled Maintenance Technicians, Exceptional Customer Service Team and Knowledgeable staff are here for you.

Staff and technicians are located in London, Kitchener and Toronto but we service clients all over Ontario as well as upstate New York and Michigan. Please contact us 24/7 for any and all of your cleaning needs.