Easy Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Steam Canada - London Ontario


Halloween is here, and as your little ones get dressed up as their favourite cartoon character or superhero, it is important to keep your child’s safety in mind.

  1. Choose the right costume
    1. Brightly coloured costumes can be seen better by motorists
    2. Look for flame-resistant materials
    3. Use face paint instead of masks for better visibility
    4. Make sure the costume isn’t too long or flowing
    5. Find a costume that can be worn over regular clothes for warmth


  1. Be aware of your decorations
    1. Let the kids draw on the pumpkin and empty it out, but have an adult do the carving
    2. Watch out for fire hazards like candles, matches, lighters
    3. Inspect lights and electrical decorations for frayed wires or loose connections
    4. Clear your walkway of loose leaves and other debris


  1. Stay safe trick or treating
    1. Accompany younger children until they are old enough to go with friends
    2. Set a route ahead of time
    3. Stay on busy well-lit streets, visit the neighbors you know
    4. Teach kids to cross the street carefully
    5. If your kids are going out by themselves, give them a cell phone to carry


  1. Enjoy safe candy
    1. Check all treats for broken seals or wrappers and any signs of tampering
    2. Scan for any ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction
    3. Consider discarding any homemade treats


We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween.