Hurricanes…Rain….Mould Abatement

Mold removal is the process of removing visible mold growth from a building.  Once mold grows in a building, mold removal is a must in order to maintain the health of the occupants and also to ensure protection of the things where these molds grow. Mold removal provides peace of mind to people that they are safe from allergies and illness caused by molds. Before mold removal the cause of the mold growth (i.e., moisture source) must be identified and corrected, otherwise mold growth would re-occur. Mold removal can be simple or complicated depending on where the mold has infested, level of contamination, and type of building. If you see that the affected area is 10 more square feet then it calls to seek for professional mold removal services. Whether you are performing basement mold removal, bathroom mold removal, attic mold removal or black mold removal the key is to ensure the mold is properly contained during removal so that it does not spread to non-contaminated areas of the building.

Depending on the level of contamination, mold removal can become expensive the longer it grows and requires trained technicians. Therefore, prevention of mold growth is best strategy. But if you’ve found a small amount of mold growing in your home please call Steam Canada at 1-855-599-4114. Remember!. It’s the type of molds and the amounts that you inhale that matters. If there is no visible mold growth and you suspect you could be having a mold problem, consider testing air in your home.  Steam Canada does this type of testing for just over $300.

If you have a problem you want to know so you can properly protect loved ones.  If you don’t the peace of mind that your house is mould free will improve your disposition and therefore your quality of life….one less thing to worry about!