Ringing in 2021

As 2020 is coming to a close, this New Years Eve will look a little different for most of us. Many will still do their traditions within their homes from around the world.

In Many Latin Countries: People wear brand new yellow underwear. Yellow represents luck, money and happiness. If they are looking for new love they wear red underwear. If they are looking for better health they wear blue underwear and those looking for more joy in their lives wear white.

In Columbia: They will run around their house or in the street with a suitcase to ensure that the upcoming year is filled with travel. The suitcases are fully packed they call it “Mal Aguero” which means bad luck.

In Spain: The custom is to eat 12 grapes at one time before midnight. While eating each grape they are making a wish for the new year

In Brazil: The tradition is to spend New Years Eve on the beach and jumping over waves while making wishes for the upcoming year.

Closer to home: the Oneida Nation of the Thames: Children from the community will go door to door collecting donuts on Jan 1st. It is similar to trick or treating. Children will knock on doors in hope of receiving a doughnut.

However you spend your New Years Eve, We wish you a safe and healthy 2021.