Repair your sewer without ruining your property

Sewer repair can be daunting & stressful but also a very necessary task. Every drain system in your home flows out to the main sewer and in some cases, a septic tank.   Many homes experience problems due broken, cracked or corroded pipes. These pipes can run as deep as 6 to 15 feet underground, so the idea of digging up several feet or more of your property and gardens is not a popular one.  However, there is a better option.



Pipe Patch is a dig free, permanent & less pervasive approach to line repair. The Pipe Patch system is installed internally regardless of the type of material or pipe age.  To save ripping apart your property and cause a construction zone on your street, consider the no-dig solution.


Benefits of a no-dig solution:


  • No disruptive excavation
  • Repairs can be done year round, even when the ground is frozen
  • Less time and in some cases, less money than traditional digging
  • Permanent, structural repair, often stronger than the original pipe
  • Environmentally friendly – no toxic fumes or chemicals