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Serious plumbing issues have the potential to cause widespread property damage, and along with it, a great deal of stress and anxiety for the homeowner. When you have access to an experienced, reputable plumber, you can feel peace of mind knowing there is an expert to turn to when you need one. At Steam Canada, we want all of our customers to feel at ease, knowing we can handle any type of plumbing issue that comes our way.

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Common Household Plumbing Issues

  • Water leaks
  • Clogged drains
  • Broken water heaters
  • Burst pipes
  • Sewer line breaks
  • Main water line breaks
  • Garbage disposal malfunction
  • Broken toilets
  • Leaky tubs, showers and faucets
  • Broken sump pumps
  • Water quality problems

Signs of Hidden Water Leaks

Sometimes, a water leak can go undetected for weeks, or even months. If the leak is slow and is hidden in pipes behind a wall or under the floor, there’s really no way for a homeowner to know what’s happening until the signs start presenting themselves. Some of the signs of a hidden water leak include:

  • Excess moisture on walls, floors or in basements
  • Mold and mildew anywhere in the house
  • Damp spots on carpets
  • Soggy, moist ground in the backyard
  • Unexpectedly high water bills

If you notice any of these signs, call a plumber to come in and check for leaks so you can get the appropriate repair and keep damages to a minimum.

What Is a Burst Pipe?

A slow, hidden leak can rot wood and cause a lot of property damage, but a burst pipe really has a way of creating panic throughout the household. As the name suggests, a burst pipe occurs when the pipe literally bursts open and the water starts flooding the surrounding area. Sometimes, they happen underground, but they can also happen inside the house. As you can imagine, the damage piles up quickly when a pipe has burst, so fast action is a must.

First, find the water valve that shuts off the water supply to that pipe and shut it off. This ensures the water will stop flowing into your living space. Next, call your plumber and explain the situation so he can come out and take control of the situation. A pipe may burst due to cold temperatures, normal wear and tear or even tree roots causing too much pressure, so keep your eyes open.

Benefits of Professional Plumbing Services

Plumbing is a big DIY type of activity, and although many homeowners do an admirable job, there really is no substitute for professional plumbing services. Plumbers have been through extensive training and know their way around even the most complex issues. They are familiar with local building codes and bylaws, they always think safety first and the more reputable ones guarantee their work. If you have any kind of plumbing issue that require expert attention, call Steam Canada today and we’ll provide you with a solution.

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