Restaurants Need to Install Quality Commercial Grease Traps

What is a “Massive Fatberg”?

It sounds like something a restaurant does not want to deal with.

Fatbergs are caused when cooking fat, oil and grease are poured down drains and become tangled up with waste items like baby wipes and sanitary products.

Recently there was a blockage in a sewer beneath the Dublin Road in Belfast that took 6 total days to fix.  Northern Ireland Water said crews have removed “a couple of hundred tonnes” of grease from the sewer.

The company’s networks sewerage manager, Gavin McCready, warned restaurant owners that fatbergs could have some very unpleasant side-effects.
“These fat blockages can not only result in out-of-sewer flooding, but odour problems and the risk of rat infestations both near and beyond your premises.”

Moral of the story is please call Steam Canada, 1-855-599-4114, to have a grease trap installed or an old commercial grease trap removed and a new one installed.