How To Remove Red Wine From Your Carpet

What steps should be taken to get remove red wine from your carpet. The quicker you are to deal with the wine stain, the better the chance you have at removing the entire stain.

  • Once the spill happens it is best to get a white towel or paper towel.
  • Ensure that the towel being used is free from colors. You want to avoid transferring any dyes to your carpet.
  • Start blotting the towel. It is very important that the stain is not rubbed into the carpet further. The more you blot the less stain you will have to contend with. Begin blotting from the outside of the stain, so the stain does not spread.
  • Once the spill is absorbed, pour or spray cold water or club soda over the stain and continue to blot until more of the wine is absorbed. It is important not to use too much water at once.
  • If the stain continues to be very visible it is best to cover the stain with damp towels until a professional can come out to treat the stain.
  • Hiring professionals will be the best bet to remove the stain entirely and have your carpet looking as good as new. Professionals use commercial strength stain removers.
  • Pretreatments such as protectors will certainly help with the stain removal.
  • The success of removing the stain also depends on the fabric of the carpet. Wool carpets are more durable but very unforgiving.
  • Do NOT use a bleaching agent. This will damage and discolor your carpet permanently.

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