Top 10 Reasons you shouldn’t rent a carpet cleaning machine

  • 10- Carpet cleaning rental machines are not as effective or powerful as professional equipment. These machines may not remove dirt and stains completely.
  • 9- Carpet cleaning rental machines will leave shampoo in your carpets. They do not rinse the shampoo adequately. The build up of shampoo in the carpets will make your carpets sticky and leave a residue and will attract dirt into the carpet.
  • 8- Over- wetting occurs with rental machines. Too much water soaks into the bottom of the carpet. If the backing and pad get wet, it becomes difficult to dry. This increases the chance of mould and odours. Wet backings can also cause discoloration to the carpet.
  • 7- Shampoos won’t remove all types of stains.
  • 6- Water in rental machines often don’t reach a high temperature to deep clean your carpets.
  • 5- Investing your time and effort into the carpet cleaning.
  • 4- Rental machines can create many frustrations, especially if you are cleaning more than one floor of your home.
  • 3- Rental machines come with a limited amount of time.
  • 2- Rental machines will shorten the life span of your carpet.
  • 1- Rental machines do not come with guarantees that your carpets will look great.

You won’t be getting a truly clean carpet, so save yourself the hassle and rental costs and hire a professional. Professional carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet and will contribute to better air quality and reduce allergies and illness. It is recommended to have carpets professionally cleaned once every 18 months.

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