Why do we eat turkey at Christmas?

Last year 2.7 Million whole turkeys were purchased in 2019. When did the tradition of having turkey during the holidays began. The tradition dates back to King Henry VIII around 1526. He was the first to have turkey at Christmas. Turkeys became wildly popular because farmers weren’t killing one of their livestock for Christmas. The families were able to save the livestock and continue to produce eggs and milk. The peak of popularity began in the 1950’s when turkey became the preferred meal rather than goose. The average person will consume 80 turkeys during their lifetime. And what will you do with the turkey leftovers. Top three ways to serve leftovers are: Sandwiches, Soups and Salads.

Most popular Canadian dishes that will be served this holiday season:

1- Tourtiere

2- Brussel Sprouts

3- Nanaimo Bars

4- Mashed Potatoes

5- Butter Tarts

6- Yule Log

Happy Holidays from all of us at Steam Canada. Gobble Gobble